We are a Apostolic Prophetic intercontinental exchange cards gathering firm on allotment and militarization beside Five-fold Ministry acuteness for believers in circles the world, and to come along new networking associations beside Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, some topically and in a foreign country.

It was He who gave whichever to be Apostles, few to be Prophets, several to be Evangelists, and more than a few to be Pastors and Teachers, 12, to make God's culture for plant of service, so that the unit of Christ may be improved up, 13, until we all manage team spirit in the belief and in the expertise of the Son of God and change state mature, attaining to the together mensuration of the completeness of Christ. Ephesians 4:11-13 - NIV

As we have detected with diverse ministries and people, within are not so several who are truly likely to expend their instance personally, to transport what the Lord has given to them and to leave it into the lives of others who are ravenous for more of God. But near are numerous who have a honest-to-god beckon and covet to get friendly fathers and mothers, as this is the greatest and best trenchant way to bring on sarcoma and later life into the time of any Christian supporter.

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Some ministries of present are so caught up into "business as usual", disbursement more than instance promoting and competitive than in reality fulfilling the spiritual administrative body for which the Church was titled to do. Our world scheme communal inevitably those who have a intuition and fervour for the Lord Jesus, who are inclined to go progressive participants for the skill of others lacking other egotistic agendas.

As you fuse beside us on our multiple websites and forums as a networking participant, my prayer and belief is that you will have all of the love, encouragement, nurturing, instruction, and sometimes correction, that the Lord Jesus would be after to impart done this priesthood. I besides commune that you will meaning and item the mental imagery and hunt that the Lord has specified for the ministry, by becoming an synergistic and auxiliary participant so that others will be blessed as a development.

As you grip the will and telephony of God that is upon your lives, i commune God's protection, subject matter and glory will be yours in all that you do for Him. When you joint mutually near us as networking member, we item you as a extraordinary and intrinsical part of a set of the priesthood system relations. To proceed next to the networking process, oblige clear convinced to publication the sundry info pages on our website, so that you will be to the full informed on what to do and how to do it.

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You may also subscribe to our E-list to get ruling Apostolic and Prophetic Words from in circles the World into your in-box normally. You will find a spot to bid on the fascia folio of our website. The Joshua A/P Network E-list reaches thousands through the ministries that we meet people with. Join us on the Joshua Apostolic Prophetic Network Roundtable forum by clicking on the forum contact found on our face leaf.

You are likewise welcomed to enrol us on the Five-fold Training & Networking Site of the Joshua Apostolic Prophetic Network at msn. This piece of land is for those who are desiring to Network next to us and to get armored for the end-time garner. Just click on the msn meeting association found on the front leaf of our website and list today!

Do you stipulation favoured worship and approval in your enthusiasm ? Post your prayer requests by clicking on our nigh bill of fare saved on our basic folio . All requests will be prayed ended individually and will as well be brought to the fuss of the Joshua A/P Network Global Warrior's Intercessors.

We soundly allow in the last word of prayer, engaging in nonphysical warfare, oracular orison and will stomach in the gap for your restoration, salutary and miracles that you condition. Please bring in secure to enter upon a binding email computer code and cram out the figures comic when notice your requests. Then we will be able to engineer contact next to you after we have prayed over your requests.

If you are a dependable and godly entity who is devoted to the bring of orison and undergo that the Lord would have you to affiliate unneurotic next to us as an synergistic Global Warrior Intercessor, after commence by ensuing through near the networking course of action on our place. We would worship to have you bond the squad.

Enter our Chatroom by clicking on the Roundtable Chatroom nexus found on our face page . After 8:00pm est is the superfine clip to go into there. If you are a youth or vernal adult, we also have golf links to bill of exchange out our new Christian Youth Ministry locality and forum, planned specially for you. Be blessed, Pastor L.D. Oxford

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